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Providing Free Wireless Internet aceess to downtown Gainesville, Florida.
Downtown Wireless Gator, MD, stands with his wireless palm device in our coverage area.
Downtown Wireless Gator, MD, stands with his wireless palm device in our coverage area.

Welcome to our wireless downtown community

Thanks to the great response from the community the pilot has been declared a success and the service will continue free of charge. The Digital Downtown six-month pilot has ended. Thanks to Medical Manager Health Systems, a WebMD Company, for sponsoring this project.

Digital Downtown is a community-based initiative to provide free wireless Internet access in downtown Gainesville. This service operates in the area of the Downtown Community Plaza, Courthouse, City Hall, downtown restaurants and main library. Any citizen or organization owning a PDA or laptop with a wireless card can easily use the Internet for free, allowing him/her to access e-mail, chat, browse the Web or listen to radio over the Internet while moving freely through the coverage area.

The project endeavors to create a more open community and transform Downtown Gainesville, and ultimately the University of Florida and the City of Gainesville as a whole, into a more connected, networked community that is in touch with itself and the world.

"Wireless Net is downtown's best-kept secret" - Gainesville Sun
"Web surfers set free downtown" - Gainesville Sun
"Digital Downtown passes test and will continue" - County Line

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