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Wireless Access - FAQ
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What is a Wireless Network?
A wireless network is a radio based connection to a network, in this case to the Internet. By providing wireless access, users in open locations, such as in front of the Courthouse or downtown areas, can access the Internet without requiring a physical connection.

How fast is the Wireless Network?
As the Digital Downtown is a shared network, the number of active users affects the speed of your connection to the Internet. The maximum throughput for each user is 512 kilobytes a second, though the speed of the entire Digital Downtown network is greater; it runs off of a dedicated T1 line.

What brands of Wireless Cards can I use?
Your card must be 802.11b Wi-Fi compliant. As long as it meets this requirement you should be good to go with any brand.

Where can I buy a Wireless Card?
Local electronics stores such as Best Buy or Circuit City sell wireless access cards; look up vendors under "electronics" or "computers" in the phone book. When buying a wireless card, make sure you purchase a card that is 802.11b Wi-Fi compatible.

How do I install my Wireless Card?
Any wireless card you purchase should come with instructions for installation. Each manufacturer is different, so please consult the manual with the card for installation instructions.
How does roaming work on the wireless network?
As you move throughout downtown, your connection will continue to function. However, if you leave an access area or leave one building and enter another building, you may need to restart your computer's connection to get a new connection.

What type of security is on the wireless network?
At the current time, there will be no encryption on the wireless network. Unencrypted data can be intercepted by unauthorized individuals. Because of this, be sure to never send confidential information using the wireless network.

How do I get help?
We will continue to develop this web site as a source of information and help. You may Contact us for additional help.

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