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Digital Downtown dot Net   A Connected Community
Providing Free Wireless Internet aceess to downtown Gainesville, Florida.
Support is provided via our website and our Contacts.
Support will be provided via our website.

Support is provided via our website and our Contacts. To get connected...

  1. Follow our Setup Page.
  2. Make sure to set up your SSID.
  3. See our Frequently Asked Questions.
  4. Contact us for additional support.

The most common problem we have is that users do not set their SSID:

Roaming - Setting up your SSID
You MUST set up your SSID (Service Set Identifier) to "digital downtown" (lowercase, without quotes) which will make sure your device only accepts signals from Digital Downtown Access Points (APs). This will prevent you from accidentally accepting a different wireless signal and losing your connection.

Instructions on how to configure your SSID vary depending on your device; refer to your wireless card documentation for specific instructions.

If you do not set your SSID you may be disconnected when another wireless signal interferes with the Digital Downtown signal, and your wireless network card attempts to connect to it (thereby dropping the Digital Downtown connection); this can happen even when you are sitting still. With your SSID set, your card will always listen only to the Digital Downtown signal and not be interrupted by other signals.

Troubleshooting FAQ
See our List of FAQs for more Troubleshooting tips and Frequently Asked Questions, as well as other topics.

For other problems, contact us.

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