Digital Downtown - Coverage Map
Digital Downtown dot Net   A Connected Community
Providing Free Wireless Internet aceess to downtown Gainesville, Florida.
Download a printable version (117k) of the Coverage map as an Adobe Acrobat PDF.

This is a projection of our wireless coverage in downtown Gainesville, Florida. While the Access Points are accurate, the actual coverage area may vary on weather conditions and wireless equipment used to access it. Find out how to use our service in our Support page.

Coverage Map


Our Access Points (APs or antennas) cover an area from City Hall and the Wilson Building on NE 1st Street and University Avenue to the Hippodrome State Theatre to the South, West to the new Courthouse and the County Annex (Codes Enforcement and Growth Management) building, and East to the Library.

Red points are Access Points (APs or antennas).

In many areas, Access Point coverage overlaps; this does not mean a stronger signal, but merely that there are more than one AP covering that area. Stronger signals are obtained by having a clearer line of sight between yourself and the AP. AP signals can reach through walls, trees and other obstructions, but too many walls, obstructions or physical firewalls, degrade or stop the signal.

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