Digital Downtown - Partners
Digital Downtown dot Net   A Connected Community
Providing Free Wireless Internet aceess to downtown Gainesville, Florida.
Downtown Wireless Gator, MD, stands with his wireless palm device in our coverage area.
D.W. Gator, MD, holds a wireless palm device in our coverage area.

Community Partners will not be possible without the vision, commitment and cooperation of a diverse partnership. The following is a list of Community Partners.

Medical Manager Health Systems
Sponsoring the project.

Alachua County Board of County Commissioners
Providing technical support and project management.

Cisco Systems
Providing hardware and technical engineering services.

University of Florida
Providing Internet access and related technical support.

Sponsored by Medical Manager   Additional Sponsors
  The Digital Downtown Project is sponsored by Medical Manager Health Systems, Inc.  Website maintained by Alachua County Information & Telecommunication Services.